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Geo Crash is a series of outdoor location based games. In the first free game, solve the mystery
of why the Geo family stole the mayor’s Rolls Royce and ended up in jail

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You can't budge the kids
I don’t WANT to go outside. Let me stay here in my room. “Geo Crash?” Let me at it!
You like geocaching
We use similar techniques but here you find things AND solve a mystery
You hate geocaching
You want more of a challenge than finding single objects – are you ready for Geo Crash?


You've done bowling
Need an idea for a party? The clowns a bit dodgy – the burger joint is … well. Did we mention the first game is free?
You fancy a picnic
Don’t forget to take the Geo Crash and have fun for all the family
You just want some fun
if you just want to try something different that is a super-fun game that works on your phone or tablet then why not give it a go.


Some Geo Crash games coming soon


Disappearing Dinosaurs
2 dinosaurs go missing from the museum. Who could have done this? Can you help find them?
Alienating Aliens
An alien invasion brought about by a careless experiment by Gerry Geo and his son Gary.
Pirate Party
The police boat gets disguised as a pirate ship for the Geos party. Naughty Geos


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Meet the Geos
This is the Geo family. Feel free to get to know them by following them on Twitter etc. George Geo is the man of the family and is married to Geraldine. They like to play pranks on others and their favorite day is April the 1st. They have 2 children, Gerry and Grace. Gerry is made in the mould of his father and can be rather naughty. Grace, however, is the complete opposite – rather wise and slightly reserved.
George Geo
Geraldine Geo
Gerry Geo
Grace Geo
Neptune the Cat

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